Services We Offer

At PPC Painting & Decorating there are numerous services that will help you get best painting experience for your buildings. Our services entail many premium painting and decorating services that are useful for our clients from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

Residential Painting

We let the beauty of what you love to be what we do. Our painting will become the silent poetry to the opulence strokes. We transform your ideas into reality with dignity in the refinement of each design.

Body Corporate Painting

Bringing formal aspect with the character of tones whether to a close packed building or setting context to wide spread areas.

Commercial Painting

Given the stature of commercial painting, the team of PPC paints is well-equipped with top-notch products and tools.

Luxury Homes Painting

To pull out elite vibes, the tones of simplicity with flair, charm, grace and fine polish is remastered on the walls.

Interior Painting

Get an amazing relinquishing interior painting experience to distinct out the beauty of your house’ interior.

Exterior Painting

Paints that last life-long. Let the team of PPC paints wave their magic wand on to the Exterior of your building with their final brush stroke. Say bye bye to ripping off the paint or getting lighter tones of what you had chosen for you exterior painting due to sunlight because PPC Paints ensures that the paint lasts longer than promised.

Carpentry Services

Any timber repairs that are required in the process of renovation, be it stairs, rafters, doorways or partitions, our qualified and expert carpenters will get it all done for you.

Color Consultant

It gets difficult to sometimes select a color and what’s better than getting an expert’s opinion for free? We have hired a team of color consultants that help you choose best colors for your building considering the size, stature and requirements.

Lead Abatement

To ensure the old-fashioned lead does not mix in the environment, our residential painters will make sure to remove or scrap all lead paint from the walls.

Real Estate

Have all the interior and exterior work done, now your building is ready to be sold but now you are finding a reliable real estate agent or organization? PPC paints have you covered in this matter too.

Roof Restoration

To get back a roof that does not leak, PPC paints provides rescrewing, repainting, sealing and retiling of roof.

Timber touch

Get that shiny or matte finish of timber however you like with our expert Timber finish experts.  From windows, to doors to decks, all that is timber is in our hands.

Water Damage

Water damage or sewerage water may crack open your new paint and would break your heart and pocket. But not with PPC paints, our paint lasts longer and withstand heat and water

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